A 200-Year-Old Tech Innovator

09.03.2016 • Tech

From Port Phillip Insider (AUS) – What’s most interesting about Amazon is that it’s not the company you think it is. Most people think of Amazon as a place to buy books, clothes, technology, and other stuff.

They see it as a retailer. In fact, that’s how everyone describes it — an online retailer.

But Amazon is more than that. It’s a sophisticated technology company.

Amazon isn’t unique in that regard. There are many other companies, which may appear mundane on the surface, that are both innovative, and spectacular, underneath.

A great example of this is one of the stocks on Sam’s Revolutionary Tech Investor buy list.

The company is 165 years old. It was founded before Australian federation. It was founded even before the American Civil War.

In fact, this company was founded during the same year that Victoria gained independence from New South Wales. That was in 1851 (also the year of the Victorian Gold Rush).

When you think of technology, the last thing that comes to mind is a company that will soon celebrate 200 years of incorporation.

But this company is an innovator…a true innovator.

It’s using technology to transform a product it has made, and sold, since the mid-19th century, from something ordinary to something extraordinary.

Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the company’s name here. That’s for paying subscribers of Sam’s premium investment advisory, Revolutionary Tech Investor.

I can’t even reveal the ‘ordinary’ product, because that would give the game away too.

The point is this: investing in revolutionary ideas doesn’t always mean investing in hyper-risky companies, such as start-ups. Sometimes, revolutionary ideas come from the most unlikely places, such as Amazon, or the company I can’t mention above.

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