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11.03.2016 • Tech

From Revolutionary Tech Investor (AUS) – There are times when a company on the buy list doesn’t seem to be doing much. When this happens I get emails from subscribers who want to know what is — or isn’t — happening with that company.

Sometimes a lack of announcements can see investors get paranoid and exit a stock. They begin to worry that no news must be bad news. This is one of the perils of getting overly emotional with stocks.

Let me set your mind at ease. I can assure that the companies on our buy list arealways doing something. The companies I recommend are typically at the forefront of incredible technology breakthroughs. They’re at the frontline of innovation and invention. They’re the companies helping shape the modern, high-tech world we live in.

They’re always working towards the next breakthrough project, the next big contract, or the next major company announcement.

So if there is some time when you don’t hear much from one of our stocks, fear not; it’s usually because they’re building up to something big.

I aim to help provide you with guidance of course.

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