Sanders Simple: Trump Enigmatic

16.03.2016 • Politics and War

From Bill Bonner’s Diary (USA) – Sanders’ positions are simple. What’s more, they are coherent.

“If you want to be more like Sweden,” implies the Vermont senator, “you have to act more like Sweden.”

That message seems to click with a lot of voters – especially the young… and those who’ve never been to Sweden.

Both groups have generous delusions. They believe their lives could be improved with more of other people’s money and fewer of other people’s ideas. And Sanders, the man, appears to be completely reasonable… with an entirely predictable program.

Mr. Trump is more enigmatic…

What does he really think? What does he really believe?

We’ve been struggling with it for weeks.

Reading the Diary mailbag, dear readers give us insights. They believe Trump will “set things right.” Or that he’ll “shake things up.” They think his way of expressing himself is “honest” rather than vulgar… and that his policy prescriptions are “fresh” rather than absurd.

Perhaps they are right. Maybe, by force of personality, or instinct, Mr. Trump will make a success of running the U.S. just as he has – according to his own account at least – of his commercial empire.

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