Sky-High Executive Pay is Damaging Capitalism

23.03.2016 • Politics and War

From Merryn’s Blog (GBR) -A few weeks ago I interviewed a FTSE 100 CEO. I wasn’t, if I’m honest, much taken with him. And when I asked him about his pay, I began to genuinely dislike him.

He had told me at some length about how his company pays all the taxes it should pay. “t is important to pay what is due, he said in a saintly kind of a media trained voice. Avoiding tax and then excusing it by saying that “it is within the law” just isn’t enough. You can’t hide behind committees and legalities.

I asked him what he was paid. The answer was well over £2m. I wondered if he thought that was OK (he isn’t, after all, an entrepreneur, just a manager). His reply rather floored me: “Lots of other people running companies are paid more than that”, he said.

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