Smartphone Market Blossoming in China

24.03.2016 • Tech

From Revolutionary Tech Investor (AUS) – The mobile phone (smartphone) is perhaps the most prevalent piece of consumer technology in the world.

Smartphone technology isn’t a new story, of course. But technological improvements, on top of developments taking place within the industry, have opened up enormous investment possibilities.

Statista estimate that there will be around 2.3 bln smartphone users by 2017.

Of the 7.2 bln people on Earth, around 5.5 bln are aged between 10 and 70. That’s a broad demographic, admittedly, but it’s also fair to assume that’s the age bracket smartphone users fit in. In other words, it’s a broad base — as big as it gets, in fact.

But you could also take the view that, while the market for smartphones is big, it’s also beginning to look saturated.

Or at least you might think that at first glance. But, in truth, there’s tremendous growth left in this market.

Estimates suggest that, by 2020, around 70% of the world’s population will be using smartphones. That’s a number north of five bln users, almost double today’s figure.

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