Ten Rules for Picking a Fund Manager

25.03.2016 • Investing

From the London Investment Alert (GBR) –

“Active management”, where a manager picks stocks to buy and sell, usually comes with higher fees. So if you’re buying into a mutual fund, you want to be sure that you put your trust in the right people. Before you put your money with an active fund manager, you’ll want to ask the ten simple questions outlined below.

Bank of America just released its latest survey of some of the biggest fund managers in the US… And their views might surprise you.

For instance, more than half of respondents believed that we were approaching the end of this bull market cycle. And yet, few anticipate an actual recession. If you’ve been reading the London Investment Alert, you know that we believe a very serious recession – similar to 2008 – is possible, although nobody knows when it will start.

Why look at the survey? It tells you what the “herd” is thinking – so you can decide whether to bet against it.

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