250$ Gainer in Aussie Resources

29.03.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

From Port Phillip Insider (AUS) –

If there was a reward for an analysts’ Aussie Battler of the Year, it would have to go to Jason Stevenson.

Arguably, he’s had the hardest job of any of our analysts over the past two years — finding and recommending stocks in the resources sector.

But, Jason’s patience and determination may be starting to pay off.

Just over a month ago, Jason told subscribers of his Resource Speculator service to lock in gains on 88 Energy Ltd [ASX:88E]. Those who bought and sold as directed had a chance to clock up a 250% gain in a little over six months.

And last week, Jason sent his subscribers a note telling them to sell three more stocks — one for a loss, and two for nice gains.

Since mid-January, the S&P/ASX 300 Metals and Mining index has gained 23.6%. That’s no mean feat. Of course, it’s in the context of an index that has fallen 63.1% since the peak in 2011.

That means, for investors who bought the index at the peak in 2011, they still need it to rally another 170% from here. That’s no mean feat either!

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