Boris Yeltsin on Breaking Away From the EU

14.05.2016 • Politics and War

From Money Week (GREAT BRITAIN) –

Boris Johnson – Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, ex-mayor of London and now leading light of the “Vote Leave” campaign – gave an exclusive interview to MoneyWeek magazine this week.

It’s typical Boris – witty, outspoken and unashamedly populist. In it, he rebuts claims that Brexit would be bad for business. “I can think of only two British industries that may suffer a significant loss of business if we leave”, says Boris, “lobbyists and lawyers. Brussels is a goldmine for them.” Everybody else would benefit, he says.

It’s a wide-ranging interview, covering town and country. Farmers “are looking forward to Brexit with optimism”, says Boris. With the money saved by not paying into the EU, we’ll be able to “continue to support farmers to the same extent we do now and still have money left over”.

As for the City, which many feel will suffer in the event of Britain leaving the EU, Boris has “every confidence” that it will “thrive outside the EU”. Far from being beneficial, Brussels represents “a genuine threat to our financial services industry”….

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