How to Ride the New Golden Bull

14.05.2016 • Investing

From The Inner Circle (UNITED STATES) –

For this week’s dispatch, I reached out to one of the top precious metals experts in our group, Casey Research’s Senior Investment Strategist Louis James, for more on how to play the new gold bull market.

Louis spends much of his time on the road on the hunt for the next “10-bagger” mining stock – a stock you sell at 10 times your buy price. He looks at dozens of companies every month, conducting his boots-on-the-ground visits on only the best.

And it pays. Louis recently logged gains of 164%… 131%… 85%… 91%… and 79% on precious metals miner recommendations in his International Speculator advisory.

In this month’s “deep dive” Q&A, Louis reveals the strategy he uses to identify winners… why there are plenty more gains on offer as gold climbs higher… and the mindset you need to make similar gains in your portfolio.

Louis also shares six of his top recommendations in the sector right now…

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