Interest Rates Are Stuck

16.05.2016 • Emerging Markets

From the Investor Passport (ARGENTINA) –

There is much debate on this point. Even analysts from the Global Investor and our global research network have contrary opinions. And surely you, as an investor, have your own opinion as well.
My impression is that this scenario of low rates will continue for quite some time. The world is so leveraged; this means that it is so indebted, that it could not bear a strong rise in rates. It simply could not be payed…
Yes, I know, the Federal Reserve tried to start raising rates a few months ago. But then it had to stop. And I do not think it is eager to continue this process.
Everything indicates that investing in stocks and real estate can still be a very good investment for several more years. Our challenge as investors is to choose the best alternatives within each segment. That is what we work for every day.

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