A Motherload Wireless Charging Deal

18.05.2016 • Investing

From the Revolutionary Tech Investor (AUSTRALIA) –

We received an email from one of our Port Phillip Publishing Alliance members the other day.

‘I have just come across an alert that Apple is about to sign a technology agreement with a small company in Silicon Valley which has the groundbreaking technology to provide wireless charging for smartphones. From what I understand it is stunning and will impact every smartphone design making existing technology completely obsolete. It will also impact many other devices operating from battery.

‘Have you heard of it?? I believe that the announcement is likely within weeks and will surely put a rocket under the share price of THAT company at least. I gather a private briefing was held in LA on May 12 2015, which blew everyone away!

‘I wonder whether you have any insight into this. and if you do, how can we find out about it?’

Apple is notoriously secretive when it comes to any information about upcoming products. That includes possible technology partners and future technologies they might be using…

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