Foreigners Are Watching Temer’s Every Move

18.05.2016 • Emerging Markets

From the Daily Pro (BRAZIL) –

I like to travel, but there is nothing like being back home. I, Felipe, have returned to Brazil after a ten-day trip abroad. I spent half the time in a conference in Normandy dedicated to customer relationship improvement in a virtual environment such as ours – we will soon be making changes to optimize the subscriber’s experience; we knew we needed to improve and so went in search of it. The rest of the day was dedicated to the visiting foreign investors interested in exchanging ideas and getting to know our vision of Brazil.

I consider this an important relationship. It is the new cash flow that can eventually lead Brazilian assets to a new price level. That said, I here record the general feedback collected: It has been concluded that the major concern abroad is not with the valuation (i.e. if local assets, in particular the stock exchange, are momentarily expensive or cheap). The big question is on what the new steps of the Temer government will be like, particularly if the rhetoric in favor of pro-market practices can be translated into concrete elements.

In other words, if the international flow will be drawn or not to the measures soon to be announced, with obvious emphasis on the need to address the explosive trajectory of public debt and the development of a clear and stable regulatory framework in infrastructure.

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