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19.05.2016 • Emerging Markets

From the Investor Passport (ARGENTINA) –

The Investor Passport from yesterday not only sparked countless emails with contributions and views on the scamming case that I mentioned, but also on other similar cases. So today we will devote ourselves to sharing some of those comments and some answers.

I think that accessing the shared experience of all this huge investment community that we are, is a great asset that we must take advantage of every chance we can get. And this certainly is a very good opportunity.

The subscribers participate

Daniel brings us the following message:

“I am writing to tell you that I was a victim of something similar through the company Capital Lions, everything was fine at least for two years, then they disappeared prior to making themselves hard to reach to recover my money, moral of the story, I’d rather spend my money not in a fixed term or as I do now with an online broker as a personal portfolio. Moreover, I manage its money very little but it keeps growing for my buddy who came back from living in Spain for four years. Thanks for letting me contribute my experience with the ponzi scheme”…

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