Bastiat’s Joke Becoming Reality

25.05.2016 • Politics and War

From the Strategy of Simone Wapler (FRANCE) –

Dear reader Above all else, I wanted to warn you that we organize a large conference on the theme “Minimum Yield / Maximum Risk: reverse the trend! “With my colleagues Jim Rickards, Eric Lewin, Philippe Béchade, Yannick Colleu, Gael Deballe Mathieu Lebrun … and Bill Bonner (by video). The conference is free for those who already subscribe to our letters (you so) and will take place on June 17 in Paris, at 18:00. you will have more details on this registration page will be followed by a cocktail party at which I hope to have the pleasure to meet you and talk with you! We still have a few places reserved for readers of The Strategy … So do not wait to book here . S.Wapler

Now, on to our press day. The State questions the future of its stake in PSA, Les Echos The ECB is concerned about the rise of populism, Les Echos The ECB says that the rise of populism could endanger reforms ( ECB Says Rise of Populism Imperish Could Overhaul) , The Wall Street Journal The financial system in maximum alert to cyber attacks, Les Echos Unicredit is headed for a massive increase in capital Agefi The IMF advises France to step up its fight antichômage, Le Figaro The pound strengthened after the poll on the referendum on the European Union ( Pound Strengthens on EU referendum poll ), Financial Times

*** The State should not question its participation in PSA. He should not have and should not have had. The role of government is not investing in private and listed companies. Savers in load very well, especially if the state leaves them free to use and manage their money as they wish. Do you want you to invest in a company like PSA while the car is over-capacity, the majority of people buy their car on credit, and banks give less credits?…

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