Don’t Let Your Children Fall Victim To This Trend

25.05.2016 • Tech

From the Gowdie Family Wealth (AUSTRALIA) –

Time flies.

It’s been nearly 12 months since our last Family Office meeting.

In recent weeks I’ve been going back over my notes from our last meeting in June 2015.

We rented a villa in Tuscany for a week. A full day was dedicated to discussing our individual and family goals, as well as a number of areas of interest to us — property markets, the economy, and business ideas.

Some of the goals have become reality. Others are a work in progress. The economy is slowly moving in the deflationary direction we talked about — I’m even being sent emails of news headlines with the word ‘deflation’ in them. The pressure valve is being released somewhat on the Sydney and Melbourne property markets, which is in broadly line with what we discussed last year.

Interest rates have fallen…again a direction we thought things would head in.

Family Office meetings are a little more difficult to arrange these days…

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