Lessons Learned From 20 Years of Market Crises

26.05.2016 • Investing

From the Investor Passport (ARGENTINA) –

In the Investor Passport from today I will dedicate to answering a very good question that a subscriber name Guillermo sent to me. I started to answer and without realizing I discovered that I had written several facets in my response. So it seemed a good idea to share with all subscribers.

Here is Guillermo’s question:

In the investor passport from yesterday you mentioned that your way of investing and advising your subscribers makes investment immune to a market crash. To this I ask –

Have you had a chance to test your strategy upon a market debacle? – Just today, a note from Jim came out predicting a sharp devaluation of the dollar worldwide. Do your recommendations resist this or only consider nominal yields in dollars?

Guillermo, very good questions, thank you very much for sending them. Regarding the first question, yes, of course. I’m in the investment world since 1995. In these twenty years I went through all the crises that occurred within this period, which were many. Both in Argentina and abroad. Each of these crises has left me with different lessons.

I’ll mention some crises that I remember…

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