Argentina On Sale – 10% Off

31.05.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources, Politics and War

From The Monday Newspaper (ARGENTINA)-

Imagine you are walking down the street looking windows. This can be a scene ofeveryday life of any person, couple, or family, a Saturday afternoon sunshine of any city inour country. I imagine Buenos Aires, of course, but it could also be Córdoba, Rosario, SanSalvador de Jujuy or Parana.
On our walk a window appears with a garment that we like. We entered the premises andwhen we approach the seller will say that the garment interests us. Then, and after seeingthat we look good, the seller says the price: $ 500 is not that it is too expensive for itsfeatures, but given the economic situation … and the day of the month … we prefer tocontinue long.
That day we did not buy anything and just enjoyed the ride.
Now imagine that after two months back to go through that same place and again we see that garment that we had both liked. The look closely, we still think that we would love to have it. And now there is something new. The price changed and costs, not $ 500 but $445.
Remarkable! We waited two months and can now buy more than 10% discount. Also, if this fall we add up how much all other prices in the economy, seems to us an even more pronounced decline…

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