Sam: I Don’t Want To Scare You, But You Need To Hear This

09.06.2016 • Investing

From Revolutionary Tech Investor (AUSTRALIA)-
Last week I told you the tech wreck we need might be just around the corner. That’s because everywhere I go I’m seeing an incredible number of start-up companies that are all front — and no substance.
I’ll admit that it worries me. It worries me because there are a lot of people, kids really, that believe they can be anything and everything — but the reality is they can’t.
I’m a firm believer that hard work and talent can get you very far in life. But many people simply have a ceiling. That means there is only so high they will progress in their working lives.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is cut out to be, or should be, a CEO, company founder, entrepreneur or inventor. We need all kinds of people to do all kinds of jobs. We need diversity, different skills, talents, and experiences.
Take Muhammad Ali, who sadly passed away this week. Ali was clearly a gifted athlete. But while he had natural ability, he also put more hard work into his boxing career than you or I will ever know about.
You simply don’t get to be that good without a strong lashing of both talent and hard work. Now, I’m a big guy. But I’m pretty confident that, even if I work my butt off every day and put in as much hard work as Ali did, I’ll never be the heavyweight champion of the world.

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