The Ratio Cesar Uses To Pick His Best Stocks

10.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Pasaporte Invesor (ARGENTINA)-

Ten days ago I was visiting our office in Santiago in Chile. I had t he chance to chat a lot with one of our analysts there, Cesar Valencia, who specializes in small business segment, and has great potential.
The first thing that caught my attention about my chat and with Cesar was a service called Valor Confidencial (Confidential Value) is the amount of small business options listed on the stock market in Chile. With several dozen, almost 100 different options. And that gave me a healthy dosage of envy… How nice it would be to have that in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange!
Only now, after several years without news, we began trading two new compani
es, Banco Supervielle
and Havanna, but still there are very few options in the stock market. We
are far behind from Chile in
this regard.
As for the talk with Cesar, we talked about his system to select companies that mostly focus on the analysis of each company and the comparison of the financial ratios of each alternative. And one of the most viewed ratios is called the ratio of EV / EBITDA.

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