Five Financial Tech Businesses To Watch This Quarter

14.06.2016 • Investing

From Emerging Trends Trader (AUSTRALIA)-

When you think of the finance industry, you probably think ‘bonuses’, ‘recklessness’ and ‘greed’. There is no doubt that the image of Wall Street, and the financial industry in general, was greatly tarnished by the 2008 financial crisis.
There is no way Wall Street can ‘shower off’ the devastation it caused during the crisis, but we need to realize that financial innovation has been beneficial for the real world over the long run. Think about the invention of money, the use of derivative contracts, and the creation of the stock exchange. Those have all contributed to a more efficient system of capital distribution.
As Hollywood producers rushed to squeeze out another buck from the unified hatred for Wall Street, smart investors never turned their back on the financial industry. Instead, they began investing in a profound trend in the sector.
Now, I am not talking about a new round of toxic products from those Wall Street financial engineers whose talents are better suited as physicists. I am talking about those same people turning their talents towards fixing real problems in the world.

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