The Macri Sector Will Rise Again

14.06.2016 • Investing

From The Monday Newspaper (ARGENTINA)-

Every so often I am reminded of the movie “The Butterfly Effect.” Starring a then young Ashton Kutchner, the film was how the student Evan Treborn and may return again and again to the past, could make small changes and see the results of these changes once again to the present.
Who could have that gift, many will wonder. Who would not want to return
to the past and change that thing you did wrong and so many headaches brought him later? That is the illusion that we have: we back, we change a little thing and problem solved.
However, the lesson of the movie is very different. And every little change actually had a countless number of effects. Uncountable! And they not always dealt with good results. It is that, as a “butterfly effect”, the flapping of a single butterfly on the
coast of Brazil can cause a tsunami across the world. That is, a
simple modification of something, a simple decision on any particular issue, you may have undesirable effects on many other variables that, at the time we made the decision, we did not consider effects.
Why do I mention this? Because it’s innumerable, really big, the number of economic sectors that were affected by the bad economic policy carried out by the Kirchners. The results are so bad that one sometimes wonders whether they were due only to the incompetence and ignorance, or whether there really was a systematic plan to create economic chaos. Leaving this question in “stand by” it is clear that livestock was affected, the dairy sector, providers of public services, infrastructure, telecommunications, investment, education…

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