Another Brazilian Politician Implicated in Petrobras Scandal

17.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Daily Pro (BRAZIL)-

Real dialogue, at 2 pm on Thursday:

“Another minister dropped.”

“It’s better to drop than to stay, no?”

“Ah, yes. But this is bad. It weakens the government. It is already the third one.”

“Was it Meirelles?”

“Of course not.”

“Of course. Now let’s hit the road. Henrique is of great importance he remains. Let’s continue working.”

The economic team is of the highest quality has been very important in the news in Operaçã Lava Jato (federal police investigation in Brazil). The market has overlooked the tensions associated with tourism and etc. While Temer himself has no ties to the evidence found in the delegations, our economic team continue intact (this group is seriously focused and swiftly moving forward) and there were victories in Congress in favor of the rearrangement of public accounts, as evidenced by the performance of the stock exchange yesterday, the decline in future interests today and the stability of the exchange rate.

Foreign support also helps, evidently. Global stock index shows an increase of 0.8% dissipation of the uncertainties involving Brexit. After the murder of the deputy who was against Brexit, the campaign was suspended and this alleviated to a certain degree, the risk aversion. Supposedly, willingness to vote for Brexit at the margin could cool down after the incident. Wall Street’s futures are not part of this optimistic disposition…

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