The Catalyst for Hyperinflation is Closer Than You Think

17.06.2016 • The Economy

From Port Phillip Insider (AUSTRALIA)-

It started the year at less than US$14 per ounce.

Today, it trades for more than US$17 per ounce.

While gold has gotten all the attention, as usual, no one takes any notice of silver.

And yet, despite gold’s outperformance over silver during the bull market in 2011, the silver price has fallen twice as hard as gold.

Normally, you wouldn’t expect that. If a price rises much further than another price in a bullish (OK, bubble) market, it’s wise to think that price will consequently fall further.

But it hasn’t.

From 2008–2011, the gold price gained around 250%. The silver price gained 150%. But, since then, the downturn has hit silver harder…

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