Chinese Bankers Taking a Beating

22.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Port Phillip Insider (AUSTRALIA)-

China’s bankers have literally taken a beating.

And we mean literally. We don’t mean figuratively or metaphorically. We mean that someone has…well…beaten them.

The Guardian reports:

A motivational trainer in China beat eight rural bank employees with a stick, shaved the heads of the men and cut the hair of the women after they performed poorly on a training weekend.

“Spanking was a training model I have been exploring for many years,” the trainer, Jiang Yang, said on his microblog, absolving the bank’s leadership of direct responsibility.


Brings back memories of school! Only kidding.

But what an idea. Imagine if we could line up the chiefs at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie…and then give them ‘six of the best’ across the buttocks

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