First Glimmers of a Brazilian Recovery

22.06.2016 • The Economy

From Daily Pro (Brazil)-

So are you saying that there are people out there blaming “Privataria Tucana” for the request of judicial recovery of Oi (telecommunication company)? It privatization would be our only responsibility for the failure of national television.

I enter the Empiricus office at 7:10 am. I drop off my son at school at 7am and go straight to work. In the dead of night, there is no one else in the street. It takes me ten minutes to travel between Paulista road to Joaquim Floriano street. Normally, I am the one who turns on the lights here and everything. The company seems like one of those ghost towns, from Resident Evil, when I arrived.

Today was different. When I entered, the lights were already turned on, and some computers were lit. Part of the colleagues here take turns on Tuesdays. On my desk there was a yellow Post-it note that said, “Felipe, please write an open letter to the guy explaining everything that happened.”

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