Kris: The Masses Are Cowards

22.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Port Phillip Insider (AUSTRALIA)-

Democracy is tyranny’s best friend.

It’s a myth that tyrants seize power against the will of the people.

If we could be bothered to do the research, we’d bet the overwhelming majority of tyrants and dictators gained control through ‘popular vote’.

And even if we’re wrong, it seems that way.

That’s why, despite all the talk of a potential ‘Brexit’, meaning that Britain would leave the European Union, we don’t believe it.

In general, the masses are cowards. The Scots showed that. For decades they stood and shouted about soft southerners…about the pride of William Wallace…about their history of producing scientists and entrepreneurs.

Yet, when the time came to vote for independence from Britain, what did they do? They showed themselves to be as soft as a sponge cake.

They couldn’t bring themselves to cut the apron strings that attach them to Westminster. Perhaps it’s true. Perhaps those manly Scottish kilts are in fact ladies’ skirts after all…

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