The Key to Putting Argentina Back on the Map

22.06.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

From The Monday Newspaper (ARGENTINA)-

The country is mortally wounded by populism. But not all is lost. In Point Weekly today I’ll tell you how it is possible to turn the game, though it seems that since we lost by a landslide.

The past week was more than agitated in the political and economic level of our country. It was not for less.

For starters, we learned that a former official of the third line of Ministry of Planning was in possession of an amount 63 times greater than what was contained in his affidavit. So, Jose Lopez, Secretary of Public Works during the governments of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner was discovered while trying to bury USD 8.9 in a monastery of General Rodriguez.

This sums, passed pesos, is 63 times higher than the former official said to have in his latest affidavit: only 2 million Argentine pesos…

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