Three Simple Steps for Financial Independence

22.06.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

From Investor Passaport (ARGENTINA)-

Yesterday we arrived in Buenos Aires with my family and there was no other we to spend the day other than by unpacking and being with grandparents, cousins, uncles and other relatives who had long not see my children.

One of my nephews, Ignacio who is 18 years old, who has just begun entering into the working world, asked me, “What do you think should be my ideal goal now that I started to work and make money?” After being surprised that he was not asking me about football or women, I did not hesitate in responding.

“Your goal must be to achieve financial independence,” I replied.

Ignacio, which is very fast, smiled. I think he understood what I meant, but he asked me to explain a little better what it means to be “financially independent.” Among coffee and pastries, and grandmother baking, I began to explain.

Everybody dreams of having financial independence, but nobody knows what it means. And those who know what the term means, never mind work to reach it.

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