Where Is the Next Big Idea?

22.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Revolutionary Tech Investors (AUSTRALIA)-

Just a quick reminder before getting stuck into this week’s update; Sam is on leave until 4 July. What will this mean for you? This won’t affect any of the weekly updates you receive. Over the next two weeks, I (Härje) will be keeping you up to date with all the stocks on the RTI buy list.

However, if something drastic does happen in terms of price movements or breaking news, Sam will get in touch with you as needed. As Sam is always connected, he’ll be reviewing all the weekly updates before they go out.

With that, on to this week’s briefing.

In our 1 June update, Sam talked about the influx of new tech companies without any real substance. At best, these companies might have a great idea, but that’s all they have. It is very hard to run businesses on ideas alone.

And many of these young tech start-ups don’t even have their ideas down. Sam recently attended the Next Web conference in Amsterdam. It’s where some of the best tech companies, entrepreneurs and innovators come together. The aim of the conference is to discuss the future of various technologies…

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