Three Small Victories for Brazilian Reform

23.06.2016 • The Economy

From Daily Pro (Brazil)-

I have never had an aptitude for teaching of morals and civic education. Honestly, I do not intend to. You do not need to have a PhD in business to realize that the Temer’s government does not represent nor does it uphold the ethics and morals in Brazil.

However, Damocles knife known as Lava Jato still pointed on the head of some of Temer’s ministers, we shall recognize: the government has advanced strongly with important guidelines for the country. The Operação Lava Jato’s every investigation, there is a new criminal discovery. Yesterday, in fact, we had an investigation without due repercussion in the press.

There were three victorious government striking with Temer’s government in Congress: approval of up to 100% foreign capital to state, Supersimples and law for the sake of improving the state governance – if confirmed technical nominations, less political intervention and the Novo Mercado, there is a new possibility for these companies…

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