One British Company to Lead the Brally

23.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Fleet Street Letter (Great Britain)-

Whether Britain vote to stay or leave the European Union (EU), buy Renishaw – one of Britain’s finest companies. It has built a last, competitive advantage through innovation. Its success sits above politics. It’s its products and its people that made it a global leader in high-tech engineering – not its politicians.


In the stockmarket this week, we saw a strong rally as the polls appeared to shift towards Bremain following last week’s tragic murder of Jo Cox MP. It was an outrage, and the nation was united in grief and sympathy. Quite rightly, there was a halt to campaigning in the aftermath. When it resumed, the Remain camp appeared to gain the initiative.

Some want to leave because they don’t like immigration. For others, it’s democracy, the lack of accountability or even wages. For me, it’s the fact that the EU isn’t working in a campaign dominated by opinions. Facts have been thin…

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