The Search for Certainty

23.06.2016 • Politics and War

From The Price Report (Great Britain)-

“How foul this referendum is. The most depressing, divisive, duplicitous political event of my lifetime. May there never be another.”

This tweet from the author Robert Harris last week pretty much sums it up.

What might have been a tremendous opportunity for an informed debate about the merits and demerits of the eurozone has turned into long weeks of increasingly poisonous, rancorous name-calling. A lot of heat, and precious little illumination.

The tone of the national “conversation” was deteriorating even before the shocking murder of the MP Jo Cox – which, inevitably, became an excuse for yet more cheap, political point-scoring.

Both sides have been a disgrace.

But the one thing that has been absolutely discredited over recent months has been the very idea of economic forecasting, which has gone from asinine to absurd.

Leaving the EU would be “pretty bad, to very, very bad” (the IMF).

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