Britain Unleashed: A New Dawn for the UK

27.06.2016 • Politics and War

From MoneyWeek (Great Britain)-

Britain has cast its vote. And it has made a historic decision. The country has voted to leave the European Union (EU) by a narrow margin, with 51.8% voting ‘leave’ versus 48.1% voting for ‘remain’. Prime minister David Cameron has resigned, and is aiming to have a new leader in charge of the country by the time the Conservative conference rolls around in October. On Friday morning, as the results were announced, the pound fell to a 30-year low, and stock markets both in the UK and across the rest of the world tanked.
Here at MoneyWeek, we’ve been arguing since the announcement of the referendum, that ‘leave’ won’t be the disaster that it’s been made out to be, and that Britain can go it alone – and we still wholeheartedly believe that in the long term, voting to leave the EU was the best decision for Britain to make. But what happens now? We’ll be looking at the whole subject in a lot more detail in next Friday’s issue of MoneyWeek magazine, once the dust has settled. But in the meantime, we’ve pulled together this special issue to summarise what the issues are, what questions remain unanswered, what could happen next, and where the biggest threats and opportunities are for investors.
Brexit and your investments: what now?
First things first, as an investor, don’t panic. Don’t make any sudden moves in reaction to this. That’s easy to say, and if you woke up on Friday morning looking at a 10% drop in the pound and a similar-sized fall in the FTSE 100, then you probably didn’t feel terribly calm. But amid talk of a massive plunge in sterling and in the stock market, it’s worth getting a bit of perspective on this.

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