The Invisible Force Making Your Life Expensive

29.06.2016 • The Economy

From Strategy of Simone Wapler (France)-

Brexit there was. In itself, this is not bad news: the technocratic Europe, Europe absurd standards, Europe’s operations and opaque institutions… that Europe is challenged. As should with a very British humor the film Brexit the Movie, we live from morning to night under the influence of silly standards.

Here the panel of laws and regulations of a European who barely awake but well regulated leaves his bed: 5 guidelines on the pillows, 109 on the content of that pillow, 11 on the morning alarm clocks and 135 on the bedside tables, 65 out of the bathroom, 31 of toothbrushes, 172 on mirrors, 1246 on the bread of his breakfast and 12,653 of milk…

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