Three Ways to Play Britain’s “Independence Day”

30.06.2016 • Politics and War

From Inner Circle (United States)-

This week… a special roundtable edition of Inner Circle.

You’ll be hearing from three of our top British strategists and economists on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) – or “Brexit” – and what it means for your money.

But first, a quick recap of what’s been going on since last week’s issue hit your inbox…

Last Thursday, British voters went to the polls to have their say on whether they wanted to remain part of the EU.

British prime minister David Cameron campaigned for the country to remain in the 28-member union. He made the case that Britain was stronger and safer as part of a united Europe.

Leading the campaign to exit the EU was former London mayor… and Cameron’s classmate at Eton and Oxford University… Boris Johnson. He argued that Britain would be better off governing itself without interference from the central planners in the EU.

As we reported last week, on the day of the vote, the bookmakers’ odds implied a 1-in-4 chance of Brexit. In the event, the Brexit camp won by a 52% majority – confounding the bookies… and the political and economic elites that campaigned on the Remain side.

Britain has yet to pull the trigger on Brexit and formally begin exit negotiations with Brussels. But it now stands on the precipice of being the first country in history to exit the EU, the world’s biggest economic bloc…

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