Who’s Next to Leave?

01.07.2016 • Politics and War

From the Gowdie Letter (Australia)-

Which EU country is going to offer its citizens an opportunity to express an opinion on the Euro experiment? The contagion effect is just one of the consequences of Britain opting to leave the Eurozone.

The foreign ministers of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have wasted no time in reassuring Europe they’ve heard the message on immigration and integration ‘loud and clear’:

‘We will continue in our efforts to work for a stronger and more cohesive European Union of 27 based on common values and the rule of law. It is to that end that we shall also recognize different levels of ambition amongst Member States when it comes to the project of European integration. While not stepping back from what we have achieved, we have to find better ways of dealing with these different levels of ambition so as to ensure that Europe delivers better on the expectation of all European citizens… However, we are aware that discontent with the functioning of the EU as it is today is manifest in parts of societies. We take this very seriously and are determined to make the EU work better for all our citizens.’

What does this now mean for the millions of refugees fleeing persecution in North Africa and the Middle East? Will they be turned back? Will they be ‘warehoused’ in Turkey? Will European taxpayers be content to pick up the tab for these humanitarian efforts if their own social security arrangements are under threat? Europe is under enormous pressure. The elites needed the Brexit like they needed a hole in the head. The European elites are dealing with bushfires on many fronts. The economy of Finland is in dire straits; Italy has a banking crisis lying in wait, with nearly 20% of debts classified as non-performing; Greece is an ongoing basket case; Hungary’s human rights record is causing grief in Brussels; Poland’s new government is imposing controls on staterun media; and changing how the judicial system functions is also a major concern for Brussels. Last but certainly not least is the rise and rise of far right and left political parties, which are hostile to the EU.

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