The Contagion Has Spread Beyond the British Isles

08.07.2016 • Politics and War

From Southbank Private Briefing (Great Britain)-

  • Three characteristics of a good trade, by Charlie Morris
  • Why Juncker must go, Merryn Somerset-Webb
  • Here come the helicopters, by John Stepek
  • Cybercrime squared, by Eoin Treacy
  • Beware the experts, by Stephen Bland
  • What to do after the dust settles, by Tim Price
  • Three possible scenarios for Britain’s post-EU future, by Dr Matthew Partridge

It’s a jam-packed Briefing this week. Charlie and Tim both have observations about the internal workings of the share market. For those unfamiliar with his terminology, “Whisky” and “Soda” refer to the two portfolios Charlie created for The Fleet Street Letter readers earlier this year. See below for more…

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