Argentine Judge Rules against the Government

11.07.2016 • Central Banks

From the Monday Newspaper (Argentina)-

Warning: judges demagogues who endanger the recovery

Last Friday a ruling by the Federal Court of La Plata that suspended nationwide increased gas tariffs was known. The impact of the decision creates uncertainty and jeopardize the recovery.

One of the main functions of The Journal of Monday is approach it the subscriber analysis and information needed to be prevented against decisions “that can take over the government and, of course, can affect your heritage and your loved ones.”

Last Friday a momentous decision was known but that did not come from politicians but of judges. The Federal Chamber of La Plata suspended the increase in gas tariffs across the country, rolling back the prices paid for the service last March 31.

The measure generated enormous uncertainty. On the one hand, for consumers, is there to pay the bill or not? On the other hand, for companies: they may charge rates in line with business survival? Should they new amounts billed or, indeed, we must roll back everything and “nothing happened here”? Finally, for the government: what steps have to follow to order the fiscal accounts is prohibited if spending cuts by way of less energy subsidies?..


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