Can the Banks Survive This Time Bomb?

11.07.2016 • The Economy

From The Gowdie Letter (Australia)-

Question time

No, not the parliamentary type question time. Time to answer your questions…or at least some of them.

Although, if I was fortunate enough to be invited to Question Time in Canberra, my one and only question would be, ‘Why don’t you take a lesson from NZ politician Winston Peters and acknowledge what is really happening out there?’

Gowdie Letter subscriber Glenn sent me a link to this speech by New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters. I am not a follower of NZ politics so I don’t know Peters’ political pedigree. However, on face value, his speech makes a lot of sense to me…perhaps that’s because it echoes my own opinions. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I share it with you. Unfortunately, in the noise of the global political forum, his voice amounts to nothing more than a whisper.

How to protect cash?

Protecting our cash is by far the hottest topic each and every week.

Selva’s two-part article on her family’s experience in Argentina provided a firsthand look at what can happen when the ruling elite are out of their depth.

Sadly, this lack of competency appears to be the case in all corridors of power…

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