Three Servings of Good News

12.07.2016 • The Economy

From Daily Pro (Brazil)-

I have been pessimistic, terrorist coup and even chess player. My last attribute was Cassandra, given by IstoÉ. The spokesman of the bad news. I shrug. The guys ruin this country and put us at a potential deadbeat; then decide to shoot the messenger?

I would rather it be Raulseixista singer, a mobile metamorphosis. I’ve already brought good news last week with the new fiscal target and a more controlled inflation, measured by the IPCA.

I’m behaving like Pollyanna, from the movie, these days. It’s not my fault. To me, the scenario looks great – at least at the margin. Jobs report released on Friday in the US brought creating jobs well above expectations, pushing weakening assumptions of the US economy, without this being sufficient to remove the patience of the Fed. Amid Brexit, it would be unwise think of the imminent interest increases.

The favorable environment continues on Monday, after victory of the ruling party in the Upper House of the Japanese Parliament. Under the ruling of Shinzo Abe, the Japanese economy should see new monetary and fiscal stimulus. This feeds the appetite for risk on Monday. Tokyo Stock Exchange rose 4%, European shares rise about 1% and future of Wall Street advance, with the S & P 500 flirting with the historic record.

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