Looking into the Ruins for Our Future

15.07.2016 • Emerging Markets

From The Gowdie Letter (United States)-

My family and I are travelling through the Mediterranean with limited Wi-Fi access. Therefore, this week’s update will be shorter than normal.

Ephesus is the showplace of Aegean archaeology,’ said our tour guide.

He was right.

Ephesus is an ancient city located outside the Turkish city of Kusadasi. The city dates back to 10th century BC.

Ephesus was once a thriving centre for travel and commerce, with an estimated population of 250,000.

The architectural, engineering, town planning and construction skills of the ancient Greeks and Romans never cease to amaze me. You are constantly asking yourself, ‘How did they do that?’ or ‘Who would have thought of doing that?’

As we wandered through the ancient ruins — past the public bathhouses (hygiene was recognised as being crucial to the health of the city) — we stood at the top of the main street…paved in marble…

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