Silver up 47% – You Missed Out

15.07.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

From Port Phillip Insider (Australia)-

Gold investors have undeniably done well in 2016.

At the start of the year, the yellow metal was trading for US$1074.61 per ounce. Today it’s at US$1331.48. That’s a tidy 24% gain in less than seven months. That dwarfs the 2.68% gain the ASX 200 delivered over that same time.

But while gold received the lion’s share of the financial headlines — and investor interest — silver has quietly returned almost twice gold’s gains. At the beginning of the year silver fetched US$13.84 per ounce. As of writing it’s selling for US$20.35 per ounce — up a phenomenal 47%.

This stellar performance has finally caught the notice of the mainstream media. As recently as April you could go all week without finding any news on silver. Now pundits are tripping over themselves to bring you the latest.

Like this (pun-laced) headline from the Australian Financial Review (AFR), ‘Hunt is on to discover new ways to ride silver’s sterling surge’. Or this one from Business Day, ‘Investors take shine to silver’.

You can understand why silver is now in the spotlight.

A 47% gain in less than seven months is undeniably newsworthy. But as an investor this ‘news’ doesn’t really do you much good. As an investor, wouldn’t you have preferred to know about silver’s likely surge at the beginning of the year? Or maybe back in October of 2015?

Of course you would. And I’ll get back to how you could have known about it fully nine months ago, right after we have a look at the markets…

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