The Important Victory of a Horse Named Maia

15.07.2016 • Emerging Markets

From Daily Pro (Brazil)-

During my childhood and adolescence, I spent summer holidays in Minas Gerais, in the Serra do Cipó region. On Sundays, my grandfather’s farm out and mounted on my horse, went to the city to attend the mass. In MG, going to mass on Sunday is sacred. My thoughts were profane. I was more interested in the end of the celebration, when I could meet the girls that were gathered in the central square.

I was a terrible horse rider, but my cousins helped me. In my early years, my feet barely reached the stirrups and Roger taught me to keep my knees pressed on the head harness. My father knew of my disability, but would not tell about it to me. He bought me an absolutely lovely beast, allowing a more comfortable ride through Wheat (as we called the grandfather Dácio’s farm) to Senhora do Porto.

I called my means of transport Maia. It was an allusion to “maiado;” how you call a horse with spots [in Portuguese]. One day, the neighbor who was a farmer, took a shotgun and shot Maia, in revenge for trespassing into his pasture. At that time, things still had an old west feel. I cried copiously. I had a real passion for the animal. I even dreamt of Maia, reforming me into a good rider.

It was in that countryside that I learned about the PFL (Brazilian liberal party) today called the DEM. There were only two parties then: the PFL and PMDB.  I saw, during my childhood, the loss of relative importance of the PFL. I thought that it had died. Interestingly, it never did. It seemed that the party had resurrected, through whom? Maia. I even thought it was a surreal dream, but it wasn’t.

The victory of Rodrigo Maia is an important victory for the Temer government. Marcelo Castro, who supports Dilma’s government was not even included in the second round, showing the strength of the allied base. With Rodrigo Maia in front of the Chamber, it strengthens Temer and suggests a more favorable route to fiscal adjustment. It increases the chances of reform – and that’s all that the market would like to hear.

Or almost everything…

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