400% Increase in Energy Prices Is Inevitable

18.07.2016 • Politics and War

From The Monday Newspaper (Argentina)-

Last week was sent in Point Weekly alert tone. After the ruling of the Federal Court of La Plata that stopped the so-called “rate hikes”, uncertainty overflew the Argentina economy as it had done in recent months.

Shares of energy felt the impact. Metrogas came to be 5.3% down on Monday after the news broke. Edenor 4.7% fall until Thursday, and Pampa Energia, which came down 3.0% on Monday, recovered losses on Friday and the morning were 1% above the close of the previous week.

I find it curious that all talk of rate hikes. I am not previously heard about or the “inflacionazo” or the “deficitazo” or the “congelazo”; all measures taken by the “kirchnerazo”. But the truth is that the Point Monday generated many comments, both positive and negative…

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