Evidence Mounting for a Violent Crash

22.07.2016 • Investing

From Port Phillip Insider (Australia)-

You know that we’re not in the habit of trying to scare people.

[Reader’s voice: Are you sure about that?]

But when we see trouble ahead, we consider it our duty to inform you.

Once you have the information, you can then decide for yourself whether we’re right to forecast trouble, or whether we’re just perpetual Chicken Littles.

Yesterday, I showed you what I believe is the scariest chart you’ll find. I’ll show it to you again in a moment — just to hammer home the point, and on the off chance you missed yesterday’s Port Phillip Insider.

But that isn’t the only chart I’ll show you. I’ll show you something. Something which, in my opinion, provides more evidence to the argument that the world’s stock markets are heading for an almighty crash.

Before that, though, this…

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