The Kirchner Legacy Will Crumble Away

25.07.2016 • Politics and War

From The Monday Newspaper (Argentina)-

Say no to the regime nostalgics.

Economic data to be knowing give very bad, fueling orders for more government intervention to “revive the economy”. In this Point Weekly I tell you why it would be a bad idea that these tips are followed.

Do you believe me when I say that Kirchner is at its best?

I’m sure it will cost to do so. A Jose Lopez found in a very murky scene with nuns, 9 million, and a semiautomatic carbine Sig Sauer 522Lr of Swiss origin. Jose Lopez is not a nobody. Since 1991 he was employed throughout the public and Kirchner government (2003-2015) was Secretary of Public Works of the Nation.

Obviously, a charge very well paid…

This is not everything. The best known references kirchnerismo are investigated in multiple court cases, and the positive image of the former president fell between 7 and 10 points since he left ofäce according to political pollsters.

Despite this, I insist: Kirchner is at its best…

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