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28.07.2016 • The Economy

From Investor Passport (Argentina)-

Last week I wrote in Investor Passport about Japan and from that report, there were many questions. All related to the world in which we live. Many investors are intrigued about what it means that principal countries, like the United States, Europe and Japan, are issuing money and setting rates below zero.
It’s all very confusing, I do not blame them if they do not understand anything. So today I selected a message that will bring light on this subject. I wrote one of the members of our research team in the United States to help explain this dynamic.

Before reading this message, I’ll bring about the solution. I will give the recommendation of how to fix the problem that you will counter in the column: Implementing our strategy Instant Income. This strategy launched yesterday allows you to generate U $ 1,500 per month with very little risk. This implies a rate of 11% up to 40% annually in a world of zero rates.

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Now we will move on with the message:

Borrowers make money with bonds as lenders gain nothing.

Stocks soar high to new records. How rare is this current financial world?

It is rare, but probably not as much as you think.

If measured before inflation, rates have never been so low in many places in the world.

On July 5, the day after the 240th birthday of the United States, the rate of yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury fell below 1.4% for the first time in history…

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