A Revolution is Coming… And It Could Sweep Everything Away

29.07.2016 • Investing

From Inner Circle (United States)-

A revolution is coming… and it could sweep away everything.

That was the stark warning Bill made at the recent “Freedom Fest” gathering of libertarians and free thinkers in Las Vegas.

Bill was on a panel with his old friend and legendary crisis investor Doug Casey.

And what they discussed was incendiary.

Bill and Doug started by pointing out how the Deep State – the “shadow government” that runs the country, no matter who is in power – feeds off the post-1971 phony money system.

And they went on to explain why the Deep State is now in crisis… how it’s likely to lead to a real revolution in the U.S.… and the steps they’re personally taking to protect themselves and their families.

It’s a crucial conversation. And one you simply must hear. Which is why, this week, we’re sharing the full transcript of what they discussed exclusively with Inner Circle members.

It connects the dots between the big themes we’ve been covering for you – negative interest rates… the War on Cash… Brexit… rising militarism… and the monetary catastrophe Bill sees coming.

Even more important, you’ll learn the personal action plans Bill and Doug have put in place to protect themselves and their families when the “revolution” they see coming hits.

What can you do about the great crack-up that’s on its way? How do you make sure your savings, your family, and your way of life don’t become collateral damage?

Bill and Doug have some radical ideas…

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