Doug Casey’s Big Recommendation Outside of the US

01.09.2016 • Emerging Markets

From the Inner Circle (United States) –

Last week, we introduced you to the world’s newest, and freest, nation: the Free Republic of Liberland.

And we told you how you can apply for citizenship.

But Liberland is still more concept than country. As we reported, it’s the power of the ideas behind it – optional taxes, “crowdfunded” public services, and a shareholder model of democracy, to name but a few – that really matter.

This week… something much more practical, especially if you’re looking to diversify your life outside the U.S… and avail of some serious real estate bargains.

Because in this week’s Q&A, world traveler and legendary international speculator Doug Casey is passing on his No. 1 recommendation for a permanent footprint outside of the U.S.

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