Ignore the News and Become a Better Investor

01.09.2016 • The Economy

From Tim Price – The Price Report (Great Britain) –

Every weekday morning, I want you to listen to me for at least half an hour. I will speak to you, and you will just have to listen. I will give you information about a random series of events that in many cases will be disasters. Some of them – many of them – will make no sense whatsoever.
I will determine the priority of these events, which will be highly subjective. I will give you little or no context, just an easy narrative – a tiny little nugget of a story, each time. I will not pay you for your time, but then again I will ask nothing from you in return.
I will then ask you to listen to me at intervals throughout the day. I will continue to share with you a madcap jumble of incidents, a hellish number of which will be excruciatingly dull political announcements. Most of this information will have nothing to do with you, but I will try and
make you feel as if somehow you are responsible for all of it.
I will then ask you to repeat this routine every day for 10, 20, 30 years – for your entire life, in
I am the news cycle. Will you be my friend?

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